Finally take the guesswork out of creating your social media videos with the right equipment and know how!

The Video Glam Cam Kit™!
Save time and money and take out ALL the guesswork of creating video!

Take it from an experienced video expert and coach who has done extensive research to bring you the best quality! 

So what makes this kit so much better than other individual things on the market and why would you spend what looks like more $ than if you went out and searched for it yourself?  

  • It TAKES OUT ALL THE GUESSWORK of creating social media videos!
  • It SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY so you don't have to to research & incorrectly buy video equipment...LET AN EXPERT take care of that and give you HIGH QUALITY equipment!
  • It's EASY to use!
  • It's PORTABLE so you can use it both in your home office AND out and about (all fitting inside a convenient bag!)
  • It's all packaged in luxury! Get ready to #BeIconic!
  • You will have further access to more TRAINING so that you shine on camera!
$197 (plus s/h)
What exactly comes in The Video Glam Cam Kit™? Super high quality pieces that you do not have to search for! It's all in one convenient bag to set up in your studio, or on the go!
  • A light, yet sturdy SELFIE STICK that adjusts and extends to 59 INCHES! With bluetooth remote control! And it'll hold your phone, tablet, DSLR camera, or Go-pro!
  •  A sturdy TRI-POD that connects to the selfie-stick for an additional 10 inches in height! 
  •  TWO MICROPHONES so that you can do interviews! #SoundIsEverything! 
  •  Awesome adjustable RING LIGHT that connects with a clamp to anything! It has 10 levels of brightness! And 3 color settings: cool, warm and a combo! 
  • Blinged out MIRROR for the back of your phone to check your lipstick and teeth. It's also so you can shoot videos from the back camera.... because this is a stronger camera! 
  •  Beautiful JOURNAL to brainstorm & storyboard for your videos! 
  •  A convenient drawstring bag to carry everything for when you are on the go! 
  •  A starter VIDEO TRAINING to get you all set and empowered to use all your equipment like a rock star!
  •  All glamorously packaged in a drawstring bag to hold everything and GORGEOUS pink box!
$197 plus s/h
The Kit was backstage at the 70th Emmy Awards as part of the celebrity gift bag!
This is going to make me do MORE videos!
- Taraji P. Henson
I'm going to use the crap out of this! It's perfect for my self-filming!
- Rachel Brosnahan (Emmy-award winner for best actress)
This Kit is lit! Seriously and literally lit!
- Tan France from Queer Eye
My daughter and wife are going to be all over this! Have you submitted this Shark Tank?
- Michael Douglas
This Kit is AMAZING!
- Tiffany Haddish
You created this!? It's BRILLIANT!
- RuPaul
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Return policy: If any part of the kit is defective, you have 30 days from receipt to return it for exchange.  You can return the entire kit within 30 days of receipt if returned back in pristine condition for a full refund, minus shipping.
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