You know that you need to gain attention online with video being the #1 way to do so, but you have been paralyzed in self-consciousness and confusion to do so. 

This all-in-one equipment kit is THE BEST SOLUTION that bridges the gap between you not liking how you look and sound on video along with the confusion over what equipment you need, to feeling confident and looking amazing with the right portable FOLDING LIGHT, sound and stability. The folding aspect makes is PERFECT for transportability!

It's time to finally stop hiding in plain sight and confidently get on camera so you can reach your goals of income, impact and influence! 
Live Broadcasts
For make up tutorials/application
Cooking demos/tutorials
Craft demos/tutorials
The Kit is Perfect For:
Kit, including the folding ring light, 2 mics, tripod and bag

Ring lights are great but are also cumbersome to carry around. Not anymore! The Glam Cam Kit PRO provides you with the right size, FOLDABLE ring light that is easy to carry without sacrificing the amount of light you need. It also comes with a very sturdy 6-foot tripod, dual 16 ft stereo microphones, and convenient carrying bag.

"It's not too big. It's not too small. It's just right!"
10 inch Folding Ring Light and 6ft Silver Tripod - fully dimable and color range transition from cool to warm
Folding Ring Light with Bendable Universal Smartphone Mount
Articulated 90 degree Adaptor
Convenient Carrying Bag with Safety Packaging
2 Microphones - 16 feet cable for each
Bendable Universal Smartphone Mount to hold phone in portrait, or landscape
Contents of the Kit (w/o bag)
Price for the Kit, including the folding ring light, 2 mics, tripod and bag

10% of all profits go to the amazing organization, Love & Freedom, which retrieves, educates, and empowers women who have been victims of sex trafficking.
The Kit!! As Seen On!
See some of the media outlets where the original Video Glam Cam Kit has been featured!
About Elizabeth de Moraes
The creator of the Video Glam Cam Kit and Confidence & Success Catalyst
Hello gorgeous! 

I am so excited to share the newest version of the Video Glam Cam Kit with you!

As a Transformational Confidence and Success Catalyst, my passion is to help you own your power by taking your fears that have been running the show and transform them into clarity and confidence in how you show up in life and business. My biggest highs come from helping my clients unapologetically birth and share their gifts with the world and one of the tools that helps them with that is the Video Glam Cam Kit.

I believe that when ideas, goals and dreams are placed in your heart they are your marching orders. If you don't follow them your soul will continue to ache and regret will follow you wherever you go.  

If I can help you feel more confident in how you are getting your message out via video with a higher production value through the Kit AND better your on-camera delivery skills, then part of my mission is complete!

It's time to stop hiding in plain sight and brightly shine your light!

I cannot wait to witness your greatness! 

Please share and use #thevideoglamcamkit!

With Taraji P. Henson backstage in the gifting suite at the 70th Emmy Awards with the first Video Glam Cam Kit!
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